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"Jane did not judge; she listened."

"I was at a crossroad...I was either going to throw in the towel or I was going to make a drastic change. My doctor referred me to Shaw Health and Wellness.

Going into my first session with Jane, I was embarrassed; embarrassed that I couldn't lose weight on my own. As an owner of a successful company, I have always been able to make positive changes in the corporate world but not in my personal life.

Jane immediately put me at ease with her relaxed approach. Jane did not judge; she listened. After partnering with her, I'm in a place that I never imagined I would be with my overall charge, confident, and happy.

To say I look forward to my sessions with Jane is an understatement. With Jane's coaching, I have learned how to live my corporate "eating out several times a week" life and still lose weight. I have learned how to be more present for my family and to look at all aspects of my life, not just what I'm eating. At the end of a session with Jane, I'm excited to move to the next level by implementing what I have learned and discovered about myself. One perk I really appreciate is being able to text Jane photos of menus--"What's a good choice?"--and almost 100% of the time she responds quickly. It's much easier to sit down at a restaurant table knowing I will make the right choice. Before long I will have the knowledge I need to navigate and decipher menus but it's nice knowing I have a coach on the sideline if I need one.

Jane Shaw sincerely cares about my health, happiness, and success."



"...she will help you find a solution..."

"Jane has been my nutrition coach for a few months now. She has taught me so many things about eating healthy and taking care of my body. Her knowledge is endless and she will help you find a solution for any diet/health related issues. I highly recommend Jane to be your wellness coach!"


"...working with Jane has really opened my eyes..."

"I have always considered myself a relatively healthy eater. But working with Jane has really opened my eyes to the importance of eating a balanced diet, as well as knowing from where my foods comes. Eating a pre-made frozen hamburger patty from Costco is not the same as having grass fed beef that was raised within 50 miles of my home. I now know that it not only taste better, but it's better for me.

The same holds true for vegetables. While eating vegetables is healthy I now know, through Jane's coaching, that it's important to know what my vegetables have been treated with in order for me to feed my body what it needs.

In just a few weeks, my cravings have changed (from sweets to crunchy veggies) and I have learned that to live my best life, my body needs to live its best life, and I am the only one in control of that destiny. With Jane's judgement-free support, I'm most certainly creating the life I love!"


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